Bye, Fashion Week

Until next time! Fashion week is almost over. After being impressed by all of the runway shows in different cities, I have to say, I miss it already. The street style has impressed me just as much, however. I admire the originality and layering of different colors, textures, and patterns. Here are key looks that I love from this memorable time of year:

The texture and print of this skirt is so unique and the turtleneck adds to this bright outfit.
The statement necklace and pop of orange makes this outfit stand out! The leopard also adds a wild touch to it.
Channeling Chanel! I admire the pairing of the sophisticated Chanel purse and hat, paired with the edgy red pumps and tiger sweater.
In this case, this street style beauty has paired this matching patterns so nicely! The suit lets her stand out in her own way, and the blouse adds more flare.
In love with the oversized sweater and mini skirt! The two patterns mesh well together , plus the structured bag adds order and another nice pattern to this.
Love it! Preppy schoolgirl. This fashionista effortlessly posed in a great outfit, and her purse adds personality to her outfit!
Trumpet pants for the win! The leather jacket looks nice against the black sweater and blouse combo.
Go bright pants! These eye catching silk pants add a sunny mood to the outfit, and the darker-hued sweater compliments the pants very nicely.
RED,WHITE,BLUE for the win! This street walker jazzes this combo up with a specific color palette and adds a flirty mood by wearing the red socks with cute blue heels!
Up for the challenge! The different textures of yellow go hand-in-hand! They match so nicely and are so trendy for this season!