Cool Girl’s Guide to London: Food+Fashion

Hi friends!! Long time, I know. As you may know from my Insta and Snapchat stories, I’ve embarked on a month long journey around Europe starting June.  Those two platforms have been the easiest and fastest (not to mention most FUN!) ways for me to keep you all up to date 🙂 A lot of you have been DMing me for places to go in London, so I came up with a fabulous list of dessert places and vintage stores to hit up if you are in town. This list is not going to cover extremely popular places like the gigantic Topshop on Oxford St. or Sketch (both of which are obvious musts), but more off-the-beaten-path, hidden/forgotten gems that you will NOT want to miss. ALL of these places are Instagram worthy too, so there’s that 😉


  1. Cereal Killer Café:: This café has every single possible American and British cereal in existence. You pick as many cereals as you would like, add toppings (oreos, sprinkles, etc…), and pick your go-to milk (whole, coconut, almond, etc…). Decisions, decisions, decisions!! Dessert for breakfast? Hell yes. The downstairs has extra seating and boasts glass cases of extremely rare cereals that hug the walls. The layout is designed to be like a child’s bedroom, with superhero and cartoon figurines spread along the room and twin sized beds that serve as benches you can sit on whilst eating your cereal. I was very thrown off by this at first, but you just have to embrace it! Totally retro 70s kitschy (lucky) charm…




Bed = Bench??

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