Chloe’s College Dorm Room Tour 2017

room tour

room tour

room tour

room tour

room tour

Simple Human trash bin — The high-tech can that opens automatically…


My go-to study snacks, all from Trader Joe’s

Perfume collection


Happy Thanksgiving friends!! I just got back home from my first fall quarter in sunny Cali, and I must be getting soft because these gusty autumnal winds of Chicago are becoming too much for me… 

Ok, I know I’ve already shared a lot of pics of my dorm room on social media since September, but I haven’t presented you guys with a comprehensive blog post of all my fave accoutrements. I thought the timing of this post would be opportune for those of you starting to make a mental holiday wish list of room décor you have been longing, especially since right about now, you are probably starting to get a bit tired of some of your earlier decorative choices made back in July.

 Back to Bed: The majority of the pillows on my bed are from Aviva Stanoff, a designer of the eponymous label who infuses real plants and even sea life to her products. She has been bringing understated luxury to home décor since 2004, combining her love for the Japanese culture and nature in her pieces. Stanoff truly is a visionary artist as you can see from her creations above. Everything is handmade and owning her pieces is like accumulating unique artwork. Think the softest pillows and throw blankets crafted in one-of-a kind textiles, sometimes imprinted with nature motifs or bejeweled in minerals, corals, and semi-precious stones. Total gems for sure 🙂

Hi-Tech and Lit: If you are into technology and minimalist design in household basics, I highly recommend checking out Simple Human — I got my mirror and trash bin from there. Let me just tell you that the mirror not only lights automatically when it senses your movement, but also syncs to your phone though their company app. It allows you to play with 50,000 different color variations to recreate any lighting from your surroundings. No words. The mirror I have is the largest version, but there are smaller and more economical options available on their site. And if you are just looking for a mirror without the automatic light features, they have that too! All up to you.

When anyone walks into my room, the first thing people notice (after my colorful bed) is the garbage can. I know, sounds weird right?? But I swear, you would too. Not only is the can chic, shiny, and stainless steel, but it also opens automatically when you put your hand in front of it. The back of the bin also stores trash bags for your added convenience.

If Walls Could Talk: When decorating my room, I usually like to add a touch of personality, which is why I decided to print my own photos this year. I used Free Prints, an app that lets you print 85 4×6 glossy/matte prints for free every month. You can choose different sizes for your photos too (prices vary). I printed over 150 photos this year and put most of them on my main wall — some of the leftover photos are on my closet doors for coverage. I also received some beautiful B&W prints from Chelsea Prints (which you can see on top of my new fluffy white rug from Rugs USA — check out their selection of shag rugs here).

This print company has the coolest collection of fashion-inspired black and white prints! The prints are thick and high-quality, so these will definitely add a level of sophistication and sleekness to your room. For the new year, I’m planning on framing them to give these gorgeous prints a proper home.

50 Scents: I have a section of my shelf dedicated to my favorite scents — from woody to floral, each perfume is given its own spotlight on different occasions. The Clive Christian X and YSL Black Opium (v mature) are reserved for more formal evening events; The Hermes Un Jardin Sur Le Nil (very light and fresh) is my signature scent for everyday; The Frédéric Malle Lys and both Le Labo’s Tubereuse & Santal (darker and stronger scents) are for casual events.

Winning Hair: Oribe hair products have really upped my hair care game. My natural hair is oily, flat, and messy, and I have been experimenting with different hair products since 6th grade to find that magic formula perfect for my texture. Oribe is it! Their products not only smell divine, but keep my hair silky with soft volume. I highly recommend their hair mask (use once a week!) to achieve the look of smooth and straight hair. As for shampoo/conditioner duos, choose one that you think will work best for your hair. It’s all about personal preference. I use the Gold Lust and Silverati (for white hair — yes, I already have some white streaks…) duos.

What’s on your Desk top?: Anyone else loathe the light brown shade of dorm furniture?? If so, try temporary wall paper to cover the surface area. I used this incredibly durable wallpaper from Tempaper. The wallpaper already has adhesive on the other side and is very easy to apply. Easily removable too 🙂 I cut and pasted this paper on both my desk and closet to mask the unattractive wood. It will definitely make your room more appealing! Of course you can put the temporary paper on your walls, for which they are intended, but be creative and look for ways to beautify any flat surface!

They have both whimsical and simple options for you to try. I’d say go for more muted options if you already have lots of colorful accoutrements. Finally, all my desk organization essentials are from Poppin. Their motto is “Work Happy.” With so many colors and innovative ways to organize your work space, you will get hooked!

Hope you guys will find dorm inspo from this post!! Tag me on IG or email me with photos of your re-designed room!



mirror && trash bin c/o Simple Human (other mirrors found on this site too!)

pillows c/o Aviva Stanoff

rug c/o Rugs USA

all desk organization+notebooks c/o Poppin

fluffy throw: Target

printed photos: Free Prints

wallpaper (on closet and desk) c/o Tempaper

Chanel prints c/o Chelsea Prints

Photo creds: C. Lee



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