Cool Girl’s Guide to London: Food+Fashion

Hi friends!! Long time, I know. As you may know from my Insta and Snapchat stories, I’ve embarked on a month long journey around Europe starting June.  Those two platforms have been the easiest and fastest (not to mention most FUN!) ways for me to keep you all up to date 🙂 A lot of you have been DMing me for places to go in London, so I came up with a fabulous list of dessert places and vintage stores to hit up if you are in town. This list is not going to cover extremely popular places like the gigantic Topshop on Oxford St. or Sketch (both of which are obvious musts), but more off-the-beaten-path, hidden/forgotten gems that you will NOT want to miss. ALL of these places are Instagram worthy too, so there’s that 😉


  1. Cereal Killer Café:: This café has every single possible American and British cereal in existence. You pick as many cereals as you would like, add toppings (oreos, sprinkles, etc…), and pick your go-to milk (whole, coconut, almond, etc…). Decisions, decisions, decisions!! Dessert for breakfast? Hell yes. The downstairs has extra seating and boasts glass cases of extremely rare cereals that hug the walls. The layout is designed to be like a child’s bedroom, with superhero and cartoon figurines spread along the room and twin sized beds that serve as benches you can sit on whilst eating your cereal. I was very thrown off by this at first, but you just have to embrace it! Totally retro 70s kitschy (lucky) charm…




Bed = Bench??

2. The Berkeley for High Tea:: I wasn’t planning on getting tea whilst in London, but I came across a fashion inspired tea menu at The Berkeley Hotel that nearly knocked me out of my seat. This is EVERY fashionista’s dream. The sweets are all inspired by designer collections and the menu changes twice a year to keep up with fashion trends/shows. The hotel also brings out small sandwiches before the treats — photos down below… Get ready for some ‘Prêt – à – Portea’.





Post-tea mirror selfie 😉


3. Bake:: This tiny bakery in Covent Garden right outside of Chinatown is very easy to miss; it is one of the few places in London that has Taiyaki, which is a fish shaped waffle with ice cream in it. The queue can get quite long after 19h so be sure to check it out earlier in the day. Looks fab, tastes fab.



4. Soft Serve Society:: No better place to get soft serve ice cream in all of London. It’s inside the BOXPARK, a modern pop-up mall with two floors of box shaped stalls that has clothing stores, food stands, and a mega ball pit area. Walk along all of the shops (won’t take long!) and stop by for a quick bite at softserve society.



Topping options!!



5. Hummingbird Bakery:: For all you rainbow lovers out there! Rainbow cake and cupcakes in EVERY color. Need I say more?



6. Deliveroo:: Not a café per se, but an app that delivers food right to your door. ALL kinds of food offered. There are superb healthy options and delivery is speedy. Would highly recommend it for those days when you just want to order in food and watch a movie in bed. Deliveroo saves the day. Ordered from ‘Itsu’ below!!



7. Milk Train:: I haven’t seen ANYTHING like it. Cotton candy + ice cream = match made in heaven. No words. See photo below. I would get the ‘Unicone’ with cotton candy if you are looking for the most colorful concoction. 



Vintage Shops/Marketplaces

Spent a full 3 days exploring vintage markets and stores in London. Portobello Road is a lovely place to explore, but is always extremely crowded. Best places to go to are in Shoreditch!

  1. Vintage Fashion Market::  Open on Thursdays—Sundays, this is the biggest fashion marketplace I have seen in London. There are dozens of stands spanning the entire space. To enter, you need to follow the signs that go towards the basement level of the building. I spent 3-4 hours here and didn’t want to leave. A true treasure trove! Go for the gothic leather jackets and funky sunnies.
  2. Blitz:: Two full floors of clothing. Blitz is known for ‘remixing’ clothing; this is kind of like house flipping, but for clothes. Old scraps —> new treasures. Be sure to check out tops made out of scarves and patched hoodies with ruffles. The belt rack in the basement will trigger a jaw drop. Blitz is on Brick Lane which has dozens of other vintage shops around it, so if you keep walking along the road, you will be sure to pass other one-off shops. Cereal Killer Café is also on Brick Lane so kill two birds with one stone and stop by both!
  3. Rokit:: I went to both locations in Shoreditch and Covent Garden because I loved this shop so much. Rokit is like Blitz, but has a huge collection of varsity jackets and altered jerseys. The vintage shopping in London is unbelievable.
  4. Goldsmith Vintage:: A tiny shop on Portobello Road, this shop is known for their patched denim jackets and ripped Levi’s shorts. Across the street are cafés that you must try for a shopping break.
  5. Old Spitalfields Market:: Open every day of the week, this marketplace not only has vintage fashion stands, but food too. Take food breaks after you browse.

You can hit 1, 2, 3, and 5 in one afternoon (all walking distances from one another) if you just want a quick taste as to what vintage shopping is like in Shoreditch!!


Brick Lane!!




Photo creds: ME


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