Tip #39: Forever Fringe






Welcome back friends 🙂 Apologies for being MIA yet again, but I was on spring break in China! Slowly getting back into my routine here. I spent all weekend putting together new outfits for the blog, so stay tuned. I just got back on campus — cannot believe spring break is over…:(

Ok, so I stocked up on a few spring essentials –  this top+bottom combo included. Has anyone ever seen cut-outs on the elbows?? Cut-outs on the back, side, shoulders were all the rage last season, but I have never seen them on elbows like on this top I am wearing here. I highly recommend you check out H&M this season — their spring collection is superb! Try not to get overwhelmed by the racks and racks of beautiful ruffle tiered tops. Go and experiment with the funky colors 🙂

Let me also just say, I have been looking everywhereee for a pair of fringe denim jeans that fit me well and I stumbled upon this awesome brand. Just a perfect amount of denim and stretch! Opting for a crisp white color was a deliberate effort to protest the Chicago winter and welcome spring (the snow is still visible here in Chicago… Yikes). The white sneakers complete the look.

Fringe+sneakers = The perfect balance between funky and casual.



top: H&M

white jeans: Pistola

sunnies: Céline

shoes: Adidas (similar)

bag: Saint Laurent

Photo creds: C. Lee


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