Tip #38: School Spirit





I have learned over the years that you don’t have to necessarily own tees and sweatshirts with your school’s name emblazoned on them to show school spirit. For example, my school’s colors are blue and white, so I am always looking for different ways to pair these colors together. Its classic logo is a blue ‘A’, and I was so surprised to find this poncho piece at Zara with the emblem. How perfect 🙂 The elegant blue ribbon tie around the neck is another fun detail that adds to the ‘one-off’ look of this outfit.

I went for white fishnet tights here – a de rigueur this season. Because the outfit is overwhelmingly white, I picked out blue shoes to balance the look.

And these glasses are my obsession du jour/du mois/de l’année. I was originally going to get clear frames, but these blue ones seemed more funky and eccentric. I had not seen this unusual color anywhere before. 

So, when picking your spirit wear, get creative and refrain from reaching for your default sweatshirt with the school name across the chest. Instead, infuse a bit of originality. Start with a simple base of one of your school’s colors. Then pick a few small accessories like tights, shoes, jewelry, etc. in the other color. You will be stylishly spirited in no time.



hoodie dress: Zara

boots: Prada

glasses: Saint Laurent

Photo creds: C. Lee


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