Tip #34: Morning Skincare Routine

I’ve never done a skin care routine on here, but a lot of you who follow my Snapchat have snapped me and asked me to do one. So I took these photos when I went home for Thanksgiving break so I did not have all of my products, but these are most of the products that I typically use in the morning.

All products are linked within the post <3


Brushing teeth has never been so fun. LOVE my  FOREO’s Hybrid Electric Toothbrush in Cobalt Blue. A thorough cleaning experience for sure but also a conversation starter in the dorm bathrooms: “Woah, that’s the coolest looking toothbrush ever!!”. 


Marvis, my favorite toothpaste. Your breath will feel incredibly fresh afterwards.



I use FOREO’s ISSA Hybrid Electric Toothbrush now. I had the chance to try FOREO’s original ISSA toothbrush too, but found that it did not give me the deep, squeaky-clean feeling I wanted. The hybrid toothbrush has both silicon and polymer bristles, which will give your teeth a much deeper cleaning than the original toothbrush, which only has silicon bristles. Each replaceable brush head also lasts for one year!



For the face, I use Fresh’s Soy Face Cleanser, and lather this all over my face using my LUNA 2 cleansing device. This will give your face a much deeper clean than if you just used your hands. Every other morning, in lieu of my soy cleanser, I use St. Ives’s Apricot Scrub (pictured below) which removes all of the dead skin cells and other residue from my face. 


I have tried 3 of the 4 LUNA 2 cleansing devices – each color corresponds to a different skin type. Therefore, I use the lavender colored device for sensitive skin because my skin gets irritated easily, and this device does the job without stinging my skin

The 4 devices that FOREO offers cover combination, normal, oily, and sensitive skin types. Be sure to find the right type for your skin. For me, the lavender device (for sensivie skin) works well at getting all of the dirt/oil off my face and cleaning out my pores. I previously used Clarisonic, but it was very harsh on my skin. I use the LUNA 2 twice a day. Furthermore, the device also has pulsations on the back that reduce wrinkles to keep your skin looking more youthful (or more awake in my case ;)). A 2-in-1 deal right here.


The back of the device that has vibrations that will awaken your face!

Face moisturizing is next! I use CeraVe for my cheeks to reduce redness. It is really rejuvenating! I use Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream for the rest of my face (small version pictured above because the big one is at school!). This, too, does a really good job of hydrating my face. I always use my Neutrogena sunscreen on top of the moisturizers every morning, even if it is dark and rainy out. Protect yourself from those UV rays 😉


I then moisturize my lips with this rosebud salve I have been loving since I was seven. Because I apply this product so liberally and therefore frequently, I re-stock on it every other month.


In addition to taking care of face, I make sure to put on some hand cream because it is winter, and my hands get so so dry. Pictured below is my favorite hand cream! It is part of a collaboration with L’Occitane and Pierre Hermé (my go-to macaron shop) and it smells divine.



It’s a 10 is my savior. In order to get rid of poufiness, I generously spray this on my hair. It makes the hair much much smoother, not to mention, it also smells soooo good. Additionally, I often like to loosely braid my hair before bed (if I have time!), so in the morning, I will go in with Josie Maran’s Hair Mist. It really helps repair the damage done to my hair (oh chemicals!) and gives me a ‘natural beachy wave’ look. It is a trustworthy product that smells like a salty beach. For those of you who have naturally wavy hair, this product is perfect !


I hope you enjoyed this abridged morning skin care routine!!



top: Forever21

shorts: Seed Heritage

**post sponsored by FOREO!

Photo creds: C. Lee


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