Tip #33: Ongoing DIY Project w/ Pins, Patches, & Chokers






Ecstatic to unveil the latest from my DIY denim jacket project!! I know it’s winter, but it was pretty warm this week, and I wore this jacket without much layering. This ensemble would work well for you West Coasters out there.

Hmmm…Déjà Vu, you might be thinking…Yes, I did post a denim DIY a few months ago, but this jacket has had an upgrade. 🙂  New pins, another fruit patch, and a new jagged cut. I’ll give you a moment to stare at these crazy pins!! The pins on the jacket right now are from Yesterdays Co pins, Chris Uphues, Valley Cruise Press, and the minty project. I will link them down below. And yes, if you were wondering, I do have a few Marvis toothpaste pins on there, courtesy of the minty project. 

I trimmed off the bottom of the jacket to give it a more cropped and distressed look. The bottom part that I cut off had buttons going across, so I turned it into a choker (see above pic). Reduce, reuse, recycle, as they say… It was very easy!! No need to go and buy a denim choker when you can make one right at home – I like how uneven and frayed it looks.

I went with black jeans that have an unusual lace-up instead of a zipper in front. And the bejeweled sneakers? So shimmery and festive.



Yesterdays Co Pins c/o

3D GlassesPepeCamera, Ice Cream SandwichJuice BoxFeatherPop TartQuestion BlockViewmaster

the minty project pins c/o Etsy

Chris Uphues pins c/o

XL Rainbow Heart, Red Heart,  Green Heart, Pastel Pink Heart, Neon Pink Heart

banana patch c/o Chris Uphues

all other pins c/o Valley Cruise Press

jacket (plain): Gap

choker: diy

jeans: Amuse Society

sneakers: Miu Miu

Photo creds: C. Lee


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