Tip #31: Velvet All the Way



Gingerbread house socks!!!



It’s almost the end of the fall term… finally. Right about now, with the finals just around the corner, the campus vibe starts getting a bit high-energy and stressful. Boston, here I come! It’s good to escape sometimes — I find that I’m much more effective with my studies when I change up the scenery a bit.

These photos were taken a few weeks ago when my mom came to visit. I asked her to take outfit photos for me, but these were the only ones I could salvage out of the 200 she took…My usual photographer, aka my sister, was too busy studying for a chem test. I apologize for the blurriness! It will be better next time, I promise!

I kept it simple with this velvet number. Velvet is this fall’s must-have and will probably continue to be throughout the winter. I highly encourage you to invest in a velvet piece — choker, jacket, hair accessory… a lot of options! I threw on my favorite DIYed jeans here– all you need is a razor and/or scissors.

Unfortunately for me, I ran out of socks because I forgot to do laundry that week. Slid into some Christmas socks that I found at the bottom of my dresser drawer. Starting the Christmas celebrations a bit early this year!



P.S. I just realized that this tip is #31! Guys, look at the number on the gold door. Weird coincidences…

top: Zara

sunnies c/o Cupcakes Eyewear

jeans: DIY

sneakers: Topshop

Photo creds: H. Lee


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