Tip #28: Back-to-School Simplicity






The school year is back in full swing, and it’s taking me a bit longer than expected to settle back into a routine. Already verrryyy swamped with work, too 🙁  

A quick casual back-to-school ensemble here. This skirt mimics the classic ‘tie a shirt around the waist’ look, sans hassle. These built-in sleeves are of the same fabric and pattern as the rest of the skirt. So adorably matchy-matchy while adding some pizzazz. A tip about being well-dressed: Plan out your outfit the night before! I always do this (even down to the accessories) so I don’t have to fuss in the morning. I also tend to press my snooze button A LOT (who doesn’t?), and I feel less guilty and/or pressed for time (no pun intended) when I have an outfit that is ready to go.

As for that omnipresent top — I wear it very often because of the built-in choker – again, keep it easy for yourself. As if one choker were not enough, I doubled up and wrapped around a black suede skinny choker that had been lying around on my dresser – that part was improvised 🙂



top: LNA

sunnies c/o Cupcakes Eyewear

bag: Balenciaga

phone case: Skinny Dip 

Photo creds: C. Lee


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