Tip #26: Customization w/ Valley Cruise Press

DIY time! Customization has been (and will continue to be) a major buzzword in fashion. From jewelry to jackets, everyone is talking about it. For this post, I customized my own denim jacket 🙂 With the easy accessibility of iron-on patches and quirky pins, who doesn’t want her own personalized jacket? For those of you who are searching for the perfect accoutrements, I highly recommend Valley Cruise Press. I researched EVERYWHERE and this company makes the cutest pins and patches. So naturally, I was thrilled when they sent me some pieces to review.  I still can’t get over their adorable pieces that are so pun-ny, funny, trendy, and totally in-the-know. So many to choose from! You will instantly be hooked!  You will probably need about 10-15 pieces because they are on the smaller side.  Check out their site here

I found this vintage jean jacket in my mother’s closet. She hasn’t worn it in ten years… No need to buy a brand new jacket for this DIY — work with what you got! It works perfectly well.



And this is my selection of pins and patches!! These are all available on the Valley Cruise Press website. Before ironing and pinning, have a rough idea in your head of where you want to place your pieces. Play around with the placement of your patches on the actual jacket before ironing. Once hot, keep the iron on each patch for roughly 20 seconds for optimal results. This process is very simple. Good luck and happy hunting!






The finished look!


IMG_1886 \


***this post is sponsored by Valley Cruise Press 


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