Tip #19: Keeping it Simple in Tuscany






Another outfit from Italy! I kept my look predominantly white here, and balanced the monochrome with texture on top (gauzy mesh) and a bit of color (black bamboo print) on the bottom. And how cute are these espadrilles with the big white stars?  So fun. So summery.

From Rome, we ventured off to northern Tuscany, about a five-hour drive from the bustling city. We took a pit stop at “Auto Grill”, one of many stops along autostrade A1. We spent more than an hour there, pleasantly surprised by restaurant-quality paninis, almond croissants, and cappuccinos. Then we saw a grocery section off to the side that housed a rather impressive candy section 😉 My siblings and I perused it for more than thirty minutes, but we couldn’t agree on what to get and ended up with our usual Haribo candy that we would normally get at Target. Boring, I know, but consensus is hard to reach when you are under time pressure (parents yelling in the background to get back in the car!).

After another few more hours, we made it to the most idyllic and charming Italian town, surrounded by vineyards, hills, and complete serenity. Quite different from the chaotic metropolis that we had left behind but perhaps much needed. Ah, Dolce vita~~



top: IRO

sunnies: Dior 

shoes: Rad (on sale!!)

bag: Chanel

shorts: Topshop

Photo creds: C. Lee


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