Tip #16: A Word on Sustainability

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 I spent an afternoon with my dad and my brother last weekend. They wanted to show me a park that had once been an abandoned rail line just west of the city, known as the 606 – kind of like the High Line of New York. It is 2.7 miles and is a gorgeous green space to check out if you are in Chicago! Photo creds to my dad for this shoot! After a quick tutorial on how to use the camera on ‘Manual’ mode, my dad was able to get these great shots – very impressed!

I know I wore this skirt already in a recent post, but a little splash of silver never hurt anybody! Short miniskirts go really well with long tops because there is just enough fabric that peeks out from below the top. You can see I went kind of overboard with metallurgy here, with a gold-hued jacket and  holographic shoes.

Transforming abandoned railroad tracks into a park that everyone can enjoy is kind of like breathing a new life into an old clothing. I want to leave you all with one fashion tip that has nothing to do with style. It’s about recycling. We all love variety in our wardrobes, but we can achieve it without always buying new things. Buying secondhand or thrifting is a great option! And if you do decide to get rid of pieces, please remember to either donate to charities like Salvation army or resell your pieces to Plato’s Closet or even on online platforms like Tradesy, Poshmark, or Mercari. This way, clothing can have another cycle or two.

Just extending the life of the clothing can help save the environment by cutting out waste on our end, not to mention you can also make some money by re-selling your old clothes! There is nothing stylish about disposable fashion. Let’s all do a little bit because we can!  Stay tuned for a post on my adventures in Hong Kong working at a fashion NGO – I hope to share what I learned with you guys and what we as fashionistas can do to further help save the environment.


top: Clover Canyon (sold out, similar here)

skirt: Seed Heritage (sold out, similar here)

shoes: Topshop

bag: Chanel

jacket: Zara (now on sale!!)

sunnies: Le Specs (sold out, similar here)

Photo creds: E. Lee


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