Tip #8: Always DIY

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Yay!! The outfit post is up. It is so so hot and humid here in HK. If I am outside for more than ten minutes, I come completely undone. That’s why I had to take these photos inside the house. I am wearing this adorable cactus number I picked up in a Hong Kong retail chain called b+ab. Things are so cheap and cheerful there. I can’t get over it…

Another Asian retailer I want to bring to your attention: Aland!  It’s a bit like Urban Outfitters but they carry far more one-off/outlandish things. It’s a knick-knack lover’s paradise. They also have edgy, youthful apparel collection that our generation would love.  I came across the cutest bandana bracelet there. As you may know, bandanas have been popping up everywhere from blogs, vlogs, YouTube, you name it. People wear them as scarves, chokers, headbands, etc… I found a bracelet version!  This perfectly folded bandana bracelet was just a few dollars so I couldn’t resist. LOVEEE…BUT you can definitely DIY this by using a regular bandana. But try to get a smaller one so you don’t end up with a huge knot and two floppy long ends. Hope you like this colourful ensemble. Stay tuned for more…

top: b+ab

skirt: Lululemon

cap: Brandy Melville (only available in white now)

bandana bracelet: Aland

Eye bracelet c/o Susan Hanover

bag: I.T.

shoes: Asos

Photo creds: K. Taylor







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