Tip #10: Shower Shoes?!







I came back home to Chicago to find this gorgeous new mural that went up near my house during my absence! This wall was painted with fashion bloggers in mind, I swear. So when I decided to opt for this summery blue ensemble, I knew exactly where to head to. I wanted the pink flamingos on the wall to POP.

Ripped and frayed these shorts myself! They are Levi’s from the 80s. I highly recommend ripping your own rather than buying a pair of prêt-à-porter – why consume when you can reuse? Grab a pair of old jeans and cut them to your desired length. I think 3″ inseam is the safest starting point but for this one here, I cut to 2″ and folded the frayed hem to show off the white inner pockets. To get the frayed bottom look, separate the threads vertically at the ends to make it look more undone. To create nice rips in the middle, all you have to do is tear the threads horizontally with a razor. So easy and it doesn’t take that much time. Save the environment, save money, and experiment! It’s a win-win.

As for the accessories…I got new slides! These slip-on shoes were seen all over the runways last season. Gucci made a big splash with these. I was initially reluctant to jump on the fashion band wagon because… they resembled my dorm shower shoes…?!?!!! It took a bit of getting used to but I’m now a fan. They are so cute and comfortable!! I’ve seen everyone wearing the Fenty Puma furry slides, but I found these adorable emoji ones. Not only are slides fun and perfect for summer, they are very easy to slip on when you are going in and out of the house. And if you get waterproof ones, they can double as shower shoes too… Not highly recommended, but if you are in a pinch, then go for it 😉  Last but not least, the visor — my sister complained that I look dorky with this on but I think it’s so cute! It’s functional too- keeps the hair in place and protects you from the sun. Stay cool and hydrated!


top: Zara (ON SALE!)

slides: The White Brand (sold out, similar here)

visor: Nasty Gal

phone case: Skinny Dip

shorts: DIY Levi’s

Photo creds: C. Lee


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