Tip #4: All About Athleisure








I’ve had this rain coat since last summer, but I never got around to posting it!  A little boy asked me the other day why I was wearing a plastic over my outfit. Well, because you can see my entire outfit underneath! On a dreary, rainy day, wear something colourful and throw on a see-through raincoat like this. So fun for you and the spectators! 

Although I’m not an athlete by any stretch of the imagination, I love mixing athleisure into my daily looks. It’s so comfy! I’ve found many brands that easily offer comfort + style, but Stella McCartney’s athletic line takes that magical combo to another level. She really knows how to infuse sophistication into sportswear. This mesh skirt by SM would look great on and off the tennis court. It’s my go-to white skirt this season, wearing it to classes during the week and to whatever else during the weekend. For this look, I finished it off with trainers to keep up the ‘active’ vibe.

  tip #4: Athleisure, athleisure, athleisure. It’s the new street style! I encourage you to dress it up with a fancier top or jacket like I did up above. 

Good luck!! <3 

pochette: LV

skort: Stella McCartney x Adidas

jacket: Topshop

top: Inès de la Fressange x Uniqlo

sunnies: Chanel

trainers: Nike

Photo creds: C. Lee







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