Tip #3: A Bit of Effort is Always a Good Idea…





Ok, yes, I have a resting bitch face here in pic #1, otherwise known as the RBF. But I can’t help it. When I take pics and it’s really sunny outside, that’s just how the pics always turn out.  People tell me all the time how intimidating or unapproachable I look, how I should smile more. Taking pics with the sun’s overpowering rays beating down on your face is uncomfortable and blinding, but the pics come out bright so what is a blogger to do…  😉  I started dying of laughter when I saw this first shot because I could already predict the response from some of you.  Hope this doesn’t scare you too much. Thought I’d put it first to get a  reaction  😉

I wore this outfit on a college tour. I wanted to be comfortable yet put-together. Not that it matters any because chances are, nobody will remember you. But you never know who you might bump into and who might recognize you. Let’s just say that on one of these tours, I saw a college blogger that I’ve been following. She wasn’t overly fancy but her innate sense of style was unmistakable. So hence my Tip #3: A little bit of effort is always a good idea. By the way, everything I’m wearing here is from several seasons ago which goes to show you can always work with what you have.

top: Rag&Bone

shorts: H&M

jacket: Parker

sunnies: marketplace in Hong Kong

shoes: Valentino

Photo creds: C. Lee






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