Tip #2: Museum Etiquette





Happy spring!! We finally made it 🙂  Well sort of… It’s 70 degrees Fahrenheit out here in Massachusetts, but the weather forecast suspects snow for Monday… I hope that’s false…

These photos were taken at the Art Institute of Chicago. I am a huge fan of art museums, and there was a special Van Gogh exhibit there that I saw when I went home for spring break. How amazing is it that the three paintings of Van Gogh’s famous bedroom in Arles (housed in 3 different museums around the world) were brought together to be hung right next to one another in Chicago??  My favourite is the one from Musee D’Orsay – it’s the smallest of the three, and also his latest.

 When I go to museums, I typically like to dress up a bit. Sophisticated art = sophisticated outfits, maybe? I guess I could have gone a step further and opted for more vibrant colours to complement Van Gogh’s exhibit, but alas I was head-to-toe black that day… Actually, you can see my silver shorts peeking out from under my black dress. I love this dress that I got when I worked at a sample sale in Hong Kong last summer, but the length is a bit inconvenient. It’s a too long to be a tunic but too short to be a dress. Quick fix? I wore a pair of shorts and stuck on some knee-high boots. 

Continuing the trend I started on my last post, here is my fashion tip #2: When going to museums, try to avoid shoes that make too much noise. It’s bad museum etiquette! When you are engrossed in a painting, there is nothing like click clack of high heels to ruin your concentration. I had to give my sister a lecture about that…

dress: Camilla & Marc

shorts: Aland

bag: Zara

boots: Stuart Weitzman

Photo creds: C. Lee






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