I know!! It’s been TOO long! SO many hindrances along the way that derailed me from my path…First of all, I had finals! Imagine having to revisit physics formulas from December. Neither fun nor easy. I then jetted off to California for a school orchestra tour. We played in multiple venues and had rehearsals non-stop, which meant no time to post. If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen  some quick photo updates… Then I met up with my sis to go to LA where the wifi in our hotel room worked on every site except WordPress. That was a bit sus. Also, our flight back home got cancelled which meant further posting delays. When I finally got home and was ready to post at 2AM (ok I was jetlagged), I realized my site did not even work in my own home. I called my website host, and they delivered the strangest news: Your site was recently hacked by computer specialists working at a small, unknown company in Germany. Myssstterrriousss. Then they hung up on me leaving me exhausted, distraught, nervous, and Cachet de Chloe-less. But here we are!! It is finally fixed; don’t even get me started on how 😉 






Photo creds: C. Lee

top: Lanvin// shorts: DVF (for Gap Kids)// backpack: Zara// boots: Valentino// sunnies: Dior (similar one here)// watch c/o Shore Projects

Please follow my Insta (@cachetdechloe)! When life gets crazy, I am more likely to share a quick OOTD or food pics there. 

So in LA, my sister and I visited the ‘Bates Motel’ where everything was painted entirely white, even the palm trees. It is the coolest aesthetic ever! It was still rather chilly in LA, so I opted for a cozy (but fun!) jumper and a pair of classic DVF print shorts (I grabbed from the Gap Kids collab from a few years ago). 

Sorry about the ubiquity of my red Zara backpack. It’s been my go-to, basically my security blanket. I need to retire that piece, I know…




P.S. Just realized that I did not address my website update!! I changed the layout of the blog. This might take some time to get used to, but I promise it will be worth it in the end. The site will be undergoing some more (re)construction during the next few weeks, so some of the sizing may still be a bit off. Do not be alarmed 🙂  Things will eventually get fixed. Hope you like the new look of my blog.  <3


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