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bandeau: H&M x Balmain// jacket: H&M x Balmain// leggings: Topshop// sunnies: Ksubi// heels c/o musthaveSHOES

#Balmaination. Here is my first Balmain x H&M post! There are a few more to come 🙂 The long-awaited collaboration was all the hype leading up to the launch date in November. I was at school, and I made my mother promise my sister and me to get us something from the collection. It was actually very hard to convince her. It was a double-pronged, month-long campaign waged by my sister and me. Once my mother was on board, my sister and I held mini-meetings to discuss what pieces should be considered. Price point? Sizing? Color scheme? Uniqueness? Needless to say, there was a lot of thought that went into hatching our game plan for November 5. 

The morning of, I thought I’d test my luck and check the website — of course, it completely shut down. I called my mother the night before, and she had told me that a queue had already started at the Michigan Avenue H&M flagship store in Chicago earlier in the day. We were very surprised, as we did not expect Chicago to have a huge turnout on the day of, let alone the day before the collaboration was set to start.

On the day of, as I was walking to my third period class, my mother called me to let me know that only the first 400 lucky people in line would be given wristbands with the time of entry and exit (15 minutes total to shop) stamped on there, and chances are, nothing else would be left after the first 400 customers. It was madness. She did not think she would make it, having arrived only an hour before H&M opened. I sat through my third period class feeling anxious that she would not make it — I had waited for this for months, ever since the collaboration was revealed. I needed to get my hands on one of their pieces. Ugh! Only if my mom had gotten there at 5AM instead of 7AM, we would be in business…

 After the bell rang,  I checked my phone and saw a photo of my mother with a blue wristband. I completely freaked out, as I did not think she would make the cut. My mother was in one of the last groups that were let in and when she arrived, the collection had been so picked over that there were very few items left. No green fur jackets, no sequin dresses, no braided tops, no gold Nefertiti necklaces… There was nothing left to buy from our list of “MUST HAVES,” In the end, she just grabbed whatever she could, paying no heed to style, color, size, or price. Luckily and oddly enough, she managed to make it out of there with this jacket (which she found in the right size) and some other things you will soon see in subsequent posts. 🙂 

 It’s true that we didn’t get our first choices but after hearing about what transpired that day, my sister and I were beyond happy to have ended up with something!

Proud if you made it this far <3 

Happy holidays!!





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