kendall-jenner-alexander-mcqueen-bunny-sweater__oPtPhoto creds: C.Lee

coat: Topshop// skirt: H&M// jumper: Alexander McQueen// crossbody: Zara// sunnies: Ksubi// boots: Stuart Weitzman

Wow, winter is actually here! The day after I got back to Chicago, it started to snow. What a warm (or cold?) welcome! Still not ready to break out the hats and gloves though.

Ok, get ready for a bedtime story. This is the story of how I got this jumper in my hands. Yes, it’s Kendall Jenner’s old jumper – she wore it, so there has to be some sort of good luck in it, right? I mean you are what you wear, no? Secretly hoping I’ll grow ‘legs for days’ by tomorrow morning. Anyway, I have been waiting to wear this since the summer when I got it. I have been saving it for the perfect moment. I’ll admit it was quite an adventure procuring this sweater. You see, during that week in the summer, I had been hearing all about a Kendall + Kylie giveaway on The Real Real over social media and the internet. To be honest, I am not the biggest fan of the Jenner sisters (maybe because I’m jealous, maybe because they sometimes annoy me, maybe a bit of both), but I will be the first to admit that I admire their style (for the most part) and Instagram accounts. I mean, come on, you have to give them credit where credit is due… Sure, anyone with that kind of money is expected to have some sort of style if they are remotely interested in fashion but I have to say that they have created a really unique brand that our generation can relate to.

Fast forward to the day the collab was set to release. I woke up early to be on for the collection that would go on sale at 9AM. I got on at 8:45, ready to be one of the first to enter. The second it opened, the site was in a complete frenzy. Every time I refreshed the page, more and more pieces were flying off the online shelves. The sequin embellished Opening Ceremony top and the signature Calvin Klein hoodie I had been coveting literally disappeared as I blinked. Most of the pieces were “on reserve” which meant that the shopper had 20 minutes to complete her purchase. Somewhere between my blinks and seeing the disappointing ‘reserved’ signs everywhere, I spotted this Mcqueen bunny jumper. I immediately knew this was the piece I had to get. The print was so one-of-a-kind and so me; it completely fit my personality. Overly excited, I went to click “Add to Cart”, but right at that moment, it became “reserved”. I instinctively freaked, but stayed calm to see if there was anything else left. I had to get over the loss quickly and focus on another acquisition or else I would end up empty-handed. I looked on other pages to see if there was anything else I liked, but all that was left were $8,000 Chanel purses I would obviously not purchase. Little did I know that the shopper who had clicked “Add to Cart” a millisecond faster was my sister, on the opposite side of our flat. Before knowing she was the one, I sat there and kept refreshing the page, praying that the person who snagged the bunny jumper would change his/her mind and the ‘reserved’ sign would disappear. My agony finally came to an end when my sister came running out of the room, screaming with joy. I was still mad that she clicked the button faster, but that annoyance snowballed into a bigger disagreement: who would wear it/blog it first. Now you know who won — enjoy 😉






P.S. Who wore it better?


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