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Interview time! I love interviewing people. I feel like a reporter searching for a story. This summer, I interned at a jewellery company in Hong Kong – it was quite an adventure. Although I did have to make Excel spreadsheets and count inventory, I had the privilege of touching and trying on some of the jewels during breaks. SO worth it. Diamonds are really a girl’s best friend. Especially rainbow diamonds.

For this interview, I am showcasing AS29’s designer and owner. Her family has been in the diamond business for four generations! Jewellery design is in her blood. Also very fashion forward, Audrey would strut into the office everyday with an out-of-this-world outfit combo. Her signature look included loose denim clothing, laissez-faire hair, and a sleek pair of mules/espadrilles. She loosely carried her black Céline tote to finish off her look. Yes, she is French!

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C: How did you get your motto – The Sweetest Pill?

A: My packaging is in the shape of a medication pill. I came up with this idea to find a cure for all of the diamond addicts on this planet – every time they buy a piece of jewelry from AS29, it will come in a packaging that reminds them of a medication.

C: What do you look for in a person when you hire? 

A: It depends on the position I’m hiring them for, but they need to be a team player. We are a small company, and it is a problem if we don’t all get along – drama and stress do not help anyone. Managing people has been a real challenge – it is something I learn from everyday. The language barrier has not always been an easy one to overcome, so the personality of the people who work for me is very important in order to keep this a friendly and efficient work place.

C: Did you always know you wanted to start your company? 

A: Yes, I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. I wouldn’t excel behind a desk working for someone else. This isn’t something I would be good at or happy with 🙂 Having your own company is not an easy thing either, as you have a lot of responsibilities. Sometimes I do envy my team 🙂

C: Any advice for those looking to go into the jewellery industry or those looking to start their own company? 

A: As for any business, you need to make sure you are not entering a market that is saturated. How can you make a difference and offer a similar product, but in a different way than your competition? Always question: Why would they buy my product instead of the 100 others brands that do the same thing as me? It is not a bad idea to get a partner when you start a new business. Also: Always make sure you hire people that can do things you can’t. What is the point? Surround yourself with people who can help you and grow your business faster. Final advice: Never stop working 😉

C: Do a lot of people ask to collaborate with you? If yes, which collaborations do you accept and which do you decline? 

A: Yes, I get a lot of interest. I usually look at people with a very specific and different aesthetic than me. Someone who has a different taste than mine can bring something extra to the company. Anyone can create something – the secret is to know how to sell it after.




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