Featuring Sugarfina in this post! Sugarfina is a California-based candy brand, but it isn’t just any old candy company. Think sophisticated candies bearing exotic nomenclature in sleek, see-through cubes. They are the Tiffany’s of all candy – and their signature colour is, coincidentally, a similar teal 🙂

Sugarfina kindly sent me some candies to review – let me tell you, they are different from any kind of sweets you will probably ever taste in your life. They import ingredients from around the world, from Japan to Italy. I tried Matcha Green Tea Caramels, Confetti Dolci, and Sugar Lips.

  1. Matcha Green Caramels – My favourite out of all three. Though not the most aesthetically-pleasing (compared to others), these caramels have a soft outside and gooey inside. The two flavours (green tea and caramel) coalesce harmoniously to create a green ball of sublime.
  1. Confetti Dolci – Unlike the Matcha Green Caramels, these candies are small and crunchy. They are like a thousand mini crystals blended together to create one disk – its flavours include peach, vanilla, violet, banana, anisette, and rose water. Rose water definitely has the most interesting taste. It tastes exactly what it purports. The colours are gorgeous – pastel all the way.
  1. Sugar Lips – In my opinion, the prettiest of them all. If you are one that likes chewy candies ( à la Sour Patch style), you will LOVE this one. They come in watermelon, strawberry, and bubblegum. Strawberry is my fav. Like Sour Patch, there is an outer layer of sweet and sour crystals that top this chewy wonder.

Purchase these candies here!!

Match Green Caramels 

Confetti Dolci

Sugar Lips

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