DSC_0020Photo creds: V. Bamba

backpack: Zara// shorts: STYLENANDA// top: Forever21// necklace: COS

Another busy week in Chloe’s world! Here I am, typing away before I have to meet with an SAT tutor. Gotta find time to do the things you love 🙂

Ever since I chopped off my hair, I started going back to wearing headbands. When I had long hair, my sister used to tell me that they didn’t look good on me. I don’t even know why, but I mindlessly listened to her because she is usually right. When I went to Korea, they had so many headband shops – this yellow coloured one embellished with bananas is definitely my favourite. Underneath, it is made up of wire, so you can adjust it if you want a high bow, a flat bow, etc. I love its versatility. I wear this too much – I swear, I am now, “the girl with the bright yellow banana headband”.

Continuing on with purchases in Korea, I have been wearing out these black shorts. I don’t know if you can tell (I hope you can!), but the shorts have all sorts of maths equations on them. I really love this “scholarly” touch to the outfit. I’m pretty sure they’re just random numbers, letters, and shapes strung together, but hey, they tried 🙂




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