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I really love reading interviews and interviewing people, so when I had the opportunity to ask one of my favourite bloggers some questions, I was beyond excited. Jennifer Wang is currently a Parsons student in NYC studying fashion design. Her LookBook (a website you should all check out!) and Instagram have garnered thousands of followers (close to 50,000 and 25,000 respectively). Jennifer has collaborated with brands such as Lulu’s, Miista, Oasap, and Missguided. Furthermore, she hosted Alice&Olivia’s 3rd year anniversary event in San Francisco this year. Read on if you want to learn more about her blog and style!


C: I understand that your blog name is inspired by a Sherlock Holmes quote. Did you always know that that would be your blog name, or did it take a long time to come up with? 

            J: My blog name came very naturally to me. I knew I wanted something that was unique and not completely obvious in its reference to fashion, and I wanted the name to have a special meaning to me. So I sought inspiration from the Sherlock Holmes books as that was something I had just gotten extremely into at the time (and of course, still am!) The quote “Art in the blood is liable to take the strangest forms” is a line that really resonated with me because it not only perfectly sums up Holmes skills in the art of deduction, but it’s also saying that artistic and creative talent can manifest itself in a number of ways. It doesn’t just have to be restricted to a canvas, but can manifest itself in the way someone puts together an outfit to communicate who they are, the way a lawyer crafts an argument, or the way a surgeon performs an operation. So in summary, my blog name has to do with the way the art in my blood manifests itself in me 🙂 

C: Do you often get clothing from brands that you later incorporate in posts? 

            J: Yes, one of the perks of working with brands is of course getting clothing I get to keep 🙂 I feel very blessed to be able to experiment so much with my style and being able to feed my clothing addiction, while also saving my parents money.

C: Top 3 favourite brands?

            J: Currently they are All Saints, American Apparel, and Wildfox.

C: Whom do you envision as your target reader?

            J: I wouldn’t say I envision a specific target reader, as I welcome anyone who wants to read my blog and am thankful for their time J But I have noticed there are a lot of high school aged girls who read my blog (or perhaps those are the readers that send me emails the most) from here in the US and also from Asian countries! 

C: Is there a fashion rule you never break?

            J: I believe there are no fashion rules! Wear whatever you want! It’s your body and you can do what you want with it J

C: Next “must have” purchase?

            J: A knee high pair of gladiator sandals/heels!

C: Where do you get most of your inspiration? Magasines, books, friends, celebrities, or fellow students at Parsons? 

           J: I get inspired a lot by my favorite characters from mythology, fairytales, literature, film, comics, etc. It’s not just the clothes they wear, but I guess you could say also the aura they emanate in the way these characters act, and also by the time period and settings each of the characters are from. It’s such a cool feeling to be able to translate something that doesn’t physically exist in our world, into a physical outfit I can wear. It does a lot for your confidence too. You can’t help feeling more confident and bold when you’re wearing an Iron Man inspired outfit for example! 😉





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