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icecream shaped like this in Seoul

 Photo creds: V. Bamba

top: Zara// sunnies: Ray-Ban// shorts: Aland// bag: Phillip Lim (similar)// gold bracelet: Cartier// neon bracelet: boutique in Turkey// eye bracelet: market in Seoul// silver bracelet: Aland

Here it is, the reveal of my new hair. I went to a hair stylist in Gangnam when I was in Korea, and she told me to chop it all off. Skeptical, I told her I would prefer a shoulder length cut – but she went ahead and gave me a bob… After I left, I was still worried that it was too short, but now, I LOVE it. Best thing ever. It feels so nice to have hair you don’t really have to spend much time taking care of – especially in the summer. I absolutely love it, and if you are one of the daring types who have had long hair for a while, consider a change!

I love these shorts – absolutely love. I bought them at my favourite store in Seoul, Aland. If you ever decide to visit Seoul (or Hong Kong – they have one there too), be sure to check it out. Everything is relatively affordable and still looks expensive – cheap and cheerful. I picked these beauties up for all of 10 US dollars. I’d say that’s a score. Made it out of there like a bandit.

Happy summer everyone and stay tuned for a lot more on the blog.



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