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DSC_1673Photo creds: L. Xuan and C. Koh

top: Zara// dress(as skirt): Topshop// trainers: Adidas

Ok, I know it has been 2 weeks, but finals are officially over and summer is here!! I am beyond excited to bring you through all of my summer adventures. I just landed in Hong Kong this morning at 5am (!!!). It’s now 9am – so jet lagged. The 15 hour flight was killer. I really wanted to catch you guys up and let you know that I wasn’t dead, so here I am, typing this up while I’m half-asleep.  

Updates: Elle digital editor interview coming soon, and the post I am typing now is my last outfit from school (Andover). Also: I made a Snapchat!! Follow me @cclee99.

Getting down to the outfit: There weren’t any formal dances for the rest of this year, so I turned my prized, beaded, backless dress into a skirt. Remember this tip forever – any formal dress can be converted into a skirt for a more casual occasion. 

A lot of people have asked me why I chose to wear neon trainers with this outfit, as the top part of this look is more dressed up. Some even asked if I did that to be comfortable. Truth is, I didn’t. I could have worn glitter Mary Jane sandals, but to be honest, I thought wearing neon trainers went well with the outfit. Seems weird to a lot of people, but juxtaposing two different styles has been something I have been experimenting with for the past few years. I promise you, it has always been worth the risk.

Make it a goal this summer to try something weird/unexpected, whether it involves an outfit or not <3




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