I Wanna Be Poised and Polished





DSC_1687Photo creds: L. Xuan

dress: Marc Jacobs// shoes: Topshop

Wow, I’ve been crazy busy these past few days. Even my Instagram has been lacking updates. Well finals are here, and tests, essays, and presentations are just around the corner…. What joy… Gotta’ dress well to test well, am I right?

For this ensemble, I channeled my inner Blair Waldorf. Don’t we all just want her poise and sophistication? She actually wore this dress in one of the Gossip Girl’s episodes – the bow is to die for. I love this dress – the length is perfect and the top gives off a “put together” vibe. This is perfect for those days where your mind is just out of it. 

Kept it simple with minimal accessorising 🙂




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