Oh the Winter Woes

So this is my first post on ‘Essentials.’ I decided to kick it off with no other than… Drum roll please… WINTER ESSENTIALS!! If you don’t spend your winters feeling chilled to the bones and in fear of waiting at bus stops without your texting gloves, consider yourself blessed and  just read on for fun or to make yourself feel good about your hometown. Or better yet, get inspo so that if you ever
decide to vacation in a cold area, you will have some things to work with.


coat c.o. Max Mara// booties c.o. Michel Perry

Long cashmere coat!! I absolutely love the length and material… So soft, warm, and it almost covers my shoes!! I also love how the buttons are hidden under the coat. A classic.

I paired it with a pair of pointed, kitten-heeled leather booties. Elegant and gives you a bit of height.




DSC_1322coat c.o. Inéd// boots c.o. Hunter

For you playful and daring ones out there, go for light colours! Brighten up your day 🙂 I absolutely adore the belt on this one, and the colour is perfect. It is wool so wear a coat like this on a warmer winter day. It is long and goes past the knees.




DSC_1296coat c.o. Juicy Couture// boots c.o. Hunter

This polka dotted wonder is an ESSENTIAL. If you do not want to wear a solid colour all winter long, jazz it up with some patterns. Polka dots are a favourite of mine, and I especially love the gold button detailing. Do you guys see white on black, or black on white? I love my optical illusions 🙂 Try finding a coat that has your favourite pattern on it; you will be more excited for the winter, I promise.



DSC_1307coat c.o. Juicy Couture// boots c.o. Moon Boots

 Next up, is a classic. A black coat is crucial. You can wear it more often than your patterned one, well because, it is not as outlandish and noticeable. You can wear it for a straight whole week without anyone getting on your case. I love the fur detailing on the hood. It makes it feel so much cozier… 

Also, let’s talk boots. Boots are also vital for the winter season. In the first outfit, I wore classic black rain boots. Black is always a must, but in this second outfit, I went for more crazy. Because the coat itself is muted, go all out on the bottom! I picked these Moon Boots. When I first bought them, I thought they would get super dirty, but they have actually stayed clean! You do not need snow to wear them. Wear them anytime. Make a statement!



DSC_1315coat c.o. Burberry// boots c.o. Stuart Weitzman

Another classic black coat for you to see 🙂 I dressed it up with other warm accessories, i.e. the infinity scarf. Find a warm one!!

As for the shoes, these ones are snow-proof, and part of the inside is soft 🙂 As always, I love the fur detailing.





DSC_1333coat c.o. Juicy Couture// boots c.o. Chanel

My blue ensemble 🙂 Not everything has to be black! I love the fur cuffs here. They make me feel so warm! And the belt is very fun.

Denim boots are a YES! I wore these in the fall, but that isn’t stopping me from wearing them in the winter.





DSC_1340jacket c.o. Oasis// blanket scarf c.o. Zara// combat boots c.o. UGG

Almost choking on this scarf 🙂 If you don’t have a blanket scarf, I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend getting one. They have an array of colours and patterns at Zara, so head on over there after you read this post!! I went for the monochrome scarf; they are super super thick and warm, plus, affordable. I wore this with a leather jacket. This outfit is for a warmer day, but you can wear the blanket scarf with ANYTHING. I finished the look off with a pair of simple, black combat boots. 




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