DSC_1281Photo creds: V. Bamba

hoodie c.o. Forever 21// dress c.o. H&M

Sorry I have not posted in forever! It has actually been a month. Finals came by, and I basically locked myself in my room with nothing but study guides, old tests, and instant cup noodles. I know. It sounds really sad. I really hate excuses, but right after, I was busy working with a coder, trying to help me move platforms, from Blogger to WordPress. It was not as smooth and fast as I had hoped, but here we are! I am still working on more features for this blog, so keep checking the Instagram for updates.

Today I went for a soft grunge, wearing a super soft hoodie. I love the way it fits and feels; it is very comfortable. When comfort and style come together, you know you have found the perfect outfit. I am wearing a floral mini-dress underneath, so you are indoors and feeling warm, take off the hoodie top and wow people with this fun little dress.

It wasn’t too cold here in Chicago today (thankfully!) so I got away with wearing this outfit around for a bit.




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