Woke Up Late

Photo creds: S. Ding
shorts c.o. Zara// tank c.o. Topshop// mesh top c.o. Forever 21// shoes c.o. Topshop 

Today was super hot. I decided to pull out some summer clothes I was planning to stow away. But I am not complaining. This gave me another chance to wear my favourite high-waisted shorts. I love the pattern on these beauties. Colour, colour, colour! Patterns, patterns, and more patterns!
Because I was running late, I threw on a mesh/crochet top I found in my top drawer. I found it at Forever 21 about a week about for 15 bucks. Now that is an accomplishment. I loveeee the way it fits. Black and an electric blue look awesome together, so I grabbed nearest blue tank I could find and got out the door.
Hope you like my quick outfit of the day, and keep checking back.



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