Pink Skulls Are Real

Photo creds: S. Ding
oxfords c.o. Asos// scarf c.o. Topshop// top c.o. H&M

Accessories have always been something I spend time carefully choosing. They are a way to give an outfit a touch of something more.
Because it is fall, I thought it was appropriate to start talking about scarves. I wear these all the time in the colder seasons. I love messing around with the different ways you can tie them.  They are also the perfect accessories to just throw on. Try all of the scarves from the blanket ones to the silk ones! 
Start your own collection. Find ones that suit your personality and style, but also go out of your comfort zone once in awhile. I was recently at Zara, and they have great choices. Click through the slideshow for other ideas.


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