Fruity Fall

Photo creds: C. Guo and S. Ding 
trainers c.o. Converse// dress c.o. Topshop

Still donning dresses in the fall, I decided to go for a longer length now that it’s colder. What do you think of the fruits? The pineapples are my favourite 🙂 I can’t tell what some of the other fruits are, but the dress itself is awesome. It gives off a sportier vibe, with a black&white band at the top of the dress. I added a classic denim to finish off the look.
To make statements, you don’t always need to wear a million accessories or garments. Sometimes one eclectic piece is enough. Try out longer dresses and skirts for the season, and see where the outfit takes you. Check out the slideshow down below for more inspo.


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