Streetlights and Silhouettes

Sass Queen

Go midi rings and peach nail polish! 

Violins are cool too… 

bag c.o. Jacki Anderson// necklace c.o. J.Crew// top c.o. TJMaxx// high-waisted hot pants c.o. Topshop// boots c.o. Hunter

Another one of my photo shoots in Chicago! Here, I channeled an edgy, more nonchalant look with pink high-waisted hot pants. High waisted shorts are one of those things that you really have to style right or else it just looks sloppy and unattractive. Because they are tighter I wore them with a boxier top I found for $10 at TJMaxx.
You can find style everywhere and your budget should not stop you from looking your best. Wearing brands doesn’t automatically make you stylish. Browsing and choosing carefully (and sometimes impulsively!) from any array of stores, from famous fashion houses to discount stores like TJMaxx is super important in finding your own style. Have an open mind and go to different shops because you never know what you will find!
Sassy sunnies are so in right now. They are a statement piece and add a playful personality to any look. Try pairing them with colourful high-waisted hotpants to give a killer rebel vibe to your look.



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  1. September 14, 2014 / 5:25 am

    You are spot-on about the high-waisted shorts. The same is true for high-waisted pants but they can look so elegant when paired with the right top and the best part is that they visually lengthen the legs. Your look is really cute and you are certainly working it. I love your advice about brands not automatically equal great style. That is certainly true. Sometimes, the best designer pieces are certainly not stylish. It is more important to wear clothing that suit’s one’s preferences and is flattering than to buy something because it is fro a high-end brand. You are really awesome. I like you viewpoint. I am so glad I discovered your blog from seeing a post on IFB.


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