Short Hair Don’t Care

bag c.o. Alice and Olivia// necklace c.o. Topshop// vest c.o. Gap// skirt c.o. David Szeto 

It’s that time of the year. Back to school… Though I am excited to start fresh, a big part of me reallyyyyyy misses summer. I mean, doesn’t everyone? The look posted above is one of the last photo shoots I had in Chicago before coming here to Massachusetts. Going from a city gal to a rural queen is jarring I must admit. But the tranquility and picturesque backdrops here in MA make photo shoots even more picture perfect. Stay tuned!
For this look, I wore a gorgeous silk skirt. The bow in the front really adds to the cool print. I think this length is super cool, and it’s definitely autumnal for the fall. When it gets a bit colder, swap your denim minis for longer. I like how the necklace matches the colour of the flowers on the skirt. And the denim vest gives the urban and rebellious vibe every outfit needs.
Tip for this week: Play around with different textures and see where it takes you.


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