bag c.o. Jacki Anderson// necklace c.o. H&M// top c.o. Zara// shoes c.o. Birkenstocks// sunnies c.o. Claudie Pierlot// skirt c.o. Zara  
I CUT MY HAIRRRRR! Bye-bye seven inches. I made the bold move of chopping off my long hair. Time for a change. I am so excited to have this new length, but now I have to figure out how I want to style it. Before it was buns, fishtail braids, beachy waves, and sleek ponytails. Ahh what to do now.. I guess we shall see!
Not having started school yet, I went along with my daily adventures in the city. Going for a flow-y look, I donned both a loose top and skirt. I’d say these monochromatic colours and proportions work really well together! I added my go-to bag, a new one I just got. The colour is such a gorgeous blue, and I feel like it goes with all of my outfits. This is going to be my fall colour.
As for the accessories, I went for stacked up bracelets. I really like the stacked bracelets look, because it gives any look the energy it needs to be complete. Sport these while you can because when winter comes, its goodbye to bracelets and hello to thick coats. Try it out now! Fall is the perfectttt time.
New posts are going to keep on shooting out so it’s the perfect time to get inspo on this blog <3



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    Wonderful Blog and beautiful tops! You would look great in Hipster Tops Teen store crop tops and crew necks.

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