A Shadowy Afternoon

 bag c.o. Jacki Anderson// necklace c.o. J.Crew// top c.o. Zara// shoes c.o. Forever 21// headband c.o. Topshop// skort c.o. Choies  

Window shopping time. One of my many guilty pastimes, I spent part of my Labor Day weekend sifting through racks and racks of gorgeous glittery shoes and eye-catching dresses. I try not to go out and look around too often, because I always end up purchasing unnecessary items I do not need. I should be reading a book instead. Guilty as charged.
Anyway, for this new look, I wanted to make my electric blue bag the center of attention. The colour just POPS!!

I found the shoes at Forever 21 about a year ago, and I was surprised. I tend to not like their shoes, but these silver gladiators are the perfect finish to any outfit! It was a cheap and cheerful addition to my shoe collection. I know you are probably thinking, “What collection?? She only wears like 3 pairs of shoes…” Don’t worry lovelies, the rest will be showcased in future posts. I promise.
If you know me, I LOVE to accessorise. It always adds a bit of flair and personality to any outfit. The gold chain elephant necklace is a new addition to my collection, as are the small bracelets I stacked. Pick personal and small accessories to make your outfit more intimate. It is always cool if whatever you are wearing has a cute story behind it.

If you start school this week, GOOD LUCK and have a great year 🙂
C <3



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