§ Kauai §

 bag c.o. Prada// belt c.o. J.Crew// scarf c.o. J.Crew// shoes c.o. Adidas 
Get ready for this outfit post! The luscious greens and clear waters provided the picture-perfect spot for a photo shoot. Enjoy the backgrounds; they are what make this post especially pleasing to the eye.

For this look, I played around with prints and colours. Pairing a basic flow-y polka dotted dress with a vibrant red scarf, I wanted the red to dovetail with the tropical; the butterflies and flowers to dance against the backdrop. The polka dots serve merely as a neutral, or a base. The army green backpack is there to complement the greens in the background. I like how it isn’t too green. Christmas colours during this time of the year? Ehhhh not a fan.

I tried to make the hair as loose as possible, creating a “laissez-faire” kind of vibe.

The scarf serves as not just a neck accessory, but also a bag accessory. I love the contrast of the colours here!

Colour and Coco? We are best friends. Try some unusual combinations; you never know what will work out until you try it!



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