Pleating Away

That wind
Like the draping idea guys? Try it out and let me know <3
Fanning it out!

top c.o. Topshop// Maxi skirt c.o. Zara

It is officially spring!
Finally, the spring weather, actually more like summer weather is coming out, with 80 degree weather today! I actually took out the fan for my room today because it got so hot. 
Before I forget, I wanted to remind you all to put on some sunscreen before going outside! Sunscreen is extremely important; you guys do not want to be caught with those black dots on your face, sunburns, skin cancer, or any of that matter.
For this outfit, I took my prized maxi skirt and folded it up in a way. It has two slits on the side, so I pulled one of the corners up and pinned it. Because there is a shorter skirt underneath, it gives an illusion of cool draping but in reality, it is easy. It gives it a cooler vibe than letting it down, and when you fan it out, BAM.
I love the stark contrast between this baby blue, and the black. (The rhinestoned collar gives it flare :)) Also, the top has a pleated section in the middle, which compliments the pleats of the skirt. 
Please promise me to try out some pastels this spring. It can bring a new vibe to your outfit.Send me links in the comments below lovelies of your pastel looks and I will be sure to check it out <3
Xxx, C


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