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Oh yeah. Gazing off into the distance,

top c.o. Topshop// shorts c.o. Zara// bag c.o. Diane von Furstenberg// necklace c.o. J.Crew// glasses c.o. Urban Outfitters
Alright. So I get I have been inconsistent, and there is really no excuse. Now that the weather is warmer, I decided to put here, an ensemble with some pretty swagger (sorry, I was so in that kind of mood to use that word) high-waisted shorts. The embellishments are so colourful and I might be obsessed with tweed now.

I hope your springs have started off on the right foot. Especially in places where winters are the end of everything, I hope the nicer, warmer, weather lifted the spirits of you lovelies <3 It actually snowed a few day ago here. Not fun. But we are slowly on our way to being able to tan out in the sun <3

In this outfit, (my transition outfit to spring), I paired the high-waisted shorts with a denim crop top. No midriff guys. The contrasting textures are what make this outfit different. Denim and tweed!! I added some artsy looking glasses that I found at Urban. The shape was too cute for me to resist!! Then, my signature bag. It keeps my hopes up for a consistent warm weather. FINGERS CROSSED!

Have you all some perfect Easter’s, and a new outfit up soon (I took the pics today)

Love, (your fav)




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