Ahh the lighting makes my lip look blue…

The perfect stance <3

top c.o. H&M// skirt c.o. Topshop// Shoes c.o. Topshop
Alright. So I had this shoot awhile ago, but I was saving to post it 🙂 Because it was a rainy and gloomy day, the shoes that were supposed to holographic, are not. Pretty sad 🙁 Some rain also got onto my camera lens, which is why in some of pics, I may look a little weird.

This outfit is supposed to be classy, with a fun twist. The asymmetrical satin skirt and pink crop top are opposite garments. One is more cute and funky (the crop top jumper), and the other, more for a special occasion. The two juxtaposing colours and textures create a SHABANG! To add a part of me, I wore the white mid-heel holographic sandals, which for today, did not come out as cool as they could have. Sorry. But check out a pic on my Instagram (@cocobycocoleigh) if you want to see them in action 🙂

I just wore this outfit in downtown Chicago. It was not the nicest of days, but hey, why not brighten it up with some colour? 
Enjoy my lovelies,

xxx, Chloé



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