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With fellow darling JJ Li who is also a blogger!

dress c.o. Mink Pink// tights c.o. Urban Outfitters// jacket c.o. Topshop// necklace c.o. J.Crew
My Darlings!
And she strikes yet again. So I got sick this past week, stuck with the flu.
This is my excuse for not writing and I hope you all accept it :). But I am better now so plss enjoy the outfit. Spring is finally here! Well ish, here in New England.
Obsessed with leather jackets now. They go with EVERYTHING! The pattern on the dress here is too unique. A group of my gal pals actually got this for me for my bday and I could not be more excited. 
My tights here have built in glitter knee high socks. WHAT MORE COULD ONE WISH FOR? 
MY LIFE IS COMPLETEEE <3 I hope you like this look I put together. The selfie at the beginning is there for a reason.
To lead you on to read more. And now you’ve reached the end.
love you and i will write soon.
xxx, Chloé


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