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dress c.o. J.Crew// cardigan c.o. xx1// tote c.o. DVF

Hello Lovelies :)))

It is freezing here in MA. If you have not caught on, I am indeed at boarding school!! Click on the post before to see me featured in TeenVogue! I hope you have all been well. Finals are quickly approaching!! Guess it’s time to study <3 ‘Cause you know, that is my favourite thing to do. Not.

So for today, I decided to re-post some pics from my new blog:

For this post, it is all about colour-blocking. Colour-blocking is usually pretty simple for the most part; pair analogous colours together and you should be set! However, if you want to take risks, take colours that are opposite of color wheel. (A colour wheel is searchable on the internet)

For even more colour, try pairing two colours you never thought would pair together and see if it works. It might actually surprise you to see how often this trick will work, but try not to use too much brown and yellow 🙂 keep away from pairing closely-related dark colours together or closely-related light colours together.

Sorry for the confusing words. If that was not clear, here is the outfit in which I decided to colour block with.

xxx, C

ps I had some friends pose :))


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  1. February 17, 2014 / 2:14 pm

    Courageous look! 🙂

    Would you like to follow each other? If yes, let me know.
    Here’s my blog:

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