•every time I close my eyes it’s like a dark paradise•

I was in a magical mood today, and decided that the best spot to take a few shots was in the woods. The scenery is perfect for a day like this, and the lighting was also equally as awesome! I love how artsy these pics turned out, and I hope you guys love this look as much as I do.
I have always wanted to pair a jumper with a frilly skirt, so when I saw these two at the mall, I was PUMPED. The embellishments on the sweater add character to the outfit, and the skirt adds a little bit of fun. 
I went preppy with the bottom. These shoes are amazing. They are like patent loafers, and I really love how they look with the knee high socks. Knee high socks is the way to go this season! Even in this semi-chilly weather, it still works out quite nicely actually. If you pair the jumper with a blouse underneath, that would look extra preppy, if any of you out there are a fan of that.
If you have not already checked out my Lookbook, you may not have realized my obsession with Lana del Rey. A lot of the titles of my looks on Lookbook are lyrics of her songs. (like this one :)) Perhaps I will write a fashion post on her one day because boy, do I love her voice and her style. It is so retro! 
Check out Lookbook and create an account! It allows you to express your way through your outfits, and you get a lot of positive feedback. It is also helpful if you have a DSLR camera or a high quality one. Pretty shots are KEY. My dream is to be featured on the “Hot” page one day. Check it out and perhaps even hype my looks 🙂 ! It is never to late to start on that.
Have a great week <3 <3 <3
xx chloé

Jumper, Abercrombie. Socks, Zara. Shoes, Zara.

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