This here is HUGEEEE in NYC and I am soo glad I live close 🙂 SUCH a highlight! Anyway, I decided to post a few looks I ABSOLUTELY loved during this special event and perhaps I will even throw in a look. It is your lucky day 🙂 Everyone lovessss NYFW. The streets are filled with extra color and style. No place else is as crazyyyy.
BTW, I am obsessed with the color combo of this outfit 🙂 Dark colors with a pop of COLOR. Pops of colors always add personality to outfits so try it out. The fingerless gloves with super cute gold buttons down below remind me of a fashion forward Eponine 🙂 GORGGG 
xxx, Chloé
Balenciaga: GORGEOUS use of black and white! The trousers have the perfect shape and look soo good with the texture of the top. 

Prada: Loveee the Hitchcock look. This is what a stylish sleuth would wear. The sunnies are sooo rad and I am obsessed with the coat and shoes color combo!

Lanvin: This model looks soo avant garde. This is soo laisssez faire and navy is soo in for the fall! TOO gorgeous.

Oscar de la Renta: I decided to add to images of closeups of awesomely done makeup, nails, and accessories. I am obsessed with these bold yellow earrings. Bold is the way to go! The pink eyeshadow adds a sense of cuteness.

Not sure what fashion show this is from but the nails are sooo awesome and I loveee the pop of the color the eyeliner gives up! Always experiment and take risks like I said, because it could always  come out cooler than you thought it would look like. One person will at least LOVE it.

Sweater, XX1. Leggings, Topshop. Wedges, Tory Burch. Dress, J.Crew. Gloves, Tory Burch. Necklace, J.Crew.

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  1. September 16, 2013 / 3:49 pm

    Hi, my first question would be ‘HOW OLD ARE YOU?’ you have talent!!! i like your style.

    im following you on gfc 🙂 would you like to followback?

    Check out my blog! 🙂

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