Different Shades of Green

Life is soo busy during the school year! So busy that I have not been able to post as much as I would love to 🙁 I miss blogging for you guys! School is super busy and I need to find more time to blog my darlings. MWAHHH

I channeled a fall look here, with some pretty awesome army green leg warmers. ARMY GREEN IS THE WAY TO GO! I am absolutely in love with this color for fall. Soo perfect. I am also digging this circle scarf. It has button and you can change the shape of it altogether. It is soo versatile!

BOWS. As you know, my obsession for bows is cray cray. I pulled a DOUBLE-BOW here. Whaaattt whaaaaaattt. This headband is sooo comfortable, and the shape is absolutely perfect. Finally, the perfectttt boots for fall! THE COMBAT is a MUST. Also, sunnies for the few sunny days during the fall is good too.

I hope you love my combat boots and leg warmers 🙂 <3
I will write to all again soon

xxx chloé

Boots, UGG. Top, Topshop. Shorts, Gap. Sunnies, Vintage. Headband, Topshop. Scarf, MK.

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