Agnes and Origami

Hey gal pals!

It has been awhile yes. I am disappointed I did not get to blog, but I was away in Italy for weeks. It was a very busy trip. Italy was gorgeous! I learned a lot about culture and I finally got to see all of the famous monuments. FINALYYY. Back home in NYC, it was crazy crowded.

Summer is almost overrrrrr. NOOOOO!!! I am soo scared for high school, but also excited. I did a TON of shopping when I came back, and there was not time to blog right away! Link your back to school outfit down below. I will have a series of them coming up.

In this outfit, I used very girly and pink outfits 🙂 PINKKKKK To spice it up I added these short Hunter boots. I am in love with the color and shorts and boots is the way to go <3 This fall however, it is all about mixing darker and more subdued colors like black, navy blue, army green, and maroon. I am excited!

For this outfit, I wanted to use a prop ( I do not know why) so I picked out these origami pieces I made in 6th grade. Trust me, I have a collection 🙂  Enjoy, and I hope to blog more often.


Top, Topshop. Shorts, J.Crew. Boots, Hunter. Earcuff, H&M. Sunglasses, Vintage. Jacket, Topshop.



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