Dem Dunagarees

Sorry readers. Have not blogged in a bit. So many summer activities! I hope you enjoy this look, because the quality of photos are hopefully better with the camera I “borrowed” from my cousin 🙂 Better enjoy the next few posts! Right now, dungarees are the way to go. So obsessed. I really this one because it has a paisley pattern on it, unlike the typical denim ones.
Love dungarees with crop tops! This summer, while it stays hot, dungarees and crop tops are trendy. The color of the heels complements well with the ensemble, because it is the same color of the dots inside of the paisley 🙂 Yes, a minor detail, but details are important! I picked these corkscrew wedges, because it gives off a nice summery feel.
Have an awesome rest of the summer and go get a dungaree 🙂
A new look will hopefully be up soon.
xxx, Chloé

Dungaree, Topshop. Crop Top, Primark. Necklace, Tiffany&Co. Heels, Bimba and Lola.


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