Topshop Week

Topshop. Probably fills up 75% of my closet. I love this store for its edgy chic designs; everything made is delicate, and a work of art. All of the clothes are modern chic, and there are tons of different styles there. All of their stores have “pleasing to the eye” insides, and everything there makes me smile. When it opened up in the US, I was disappointed that many more people would have access to this store; I traveled to Europe almost every summer, and going to the Topshop in the UK was one of my “go to” destinations. But now I am glad to have it here. Because it is so close, I have access to buy much more, and raid the jewelry racks 🙂 Sometimes, I go there without money just to take pictures of the mannequins for inspiration. They sure dress their mannequins up. This week, I will wear almost head to toe Topshop, to show what kind of combinations you can make with this store.

Thoughts on flowers: I love floral accessories and I want a floral crown (next on my wish list). Floral head accessories are totally gorg. With glitter, even better. A glitter flower head accessory is perf.


Dress, Topshop. White jacket, Topshop. Headband, Topshop. Heels, vintage.


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