The Minimalist

Sorry for the delay in posts. AGAIN!  I had to show this new post, for this is now one of my favorite outfits! I love the colors, and the white peplum jacket steals the spotlight in this one. Comment on what you think and let me know if there is anything else you want me to add to this blog. There aren’t many pics on this post, but here are the ones I have.

I know I have mentioned treggings before, (trouser leggings) and they are really trending this season! On a side note, they come in awesome prints and colors, so go and get yourself a unique pair.

Today, I wanted to opt for a sophisticated outfit today, so I added the treggings. I wanted to put the  word ‘fun’ into ‘sophisticated’. As if.

I love these boots, and I cannot ever get enough of this.



Dress, Zara. Jacket, Topshop. Belt, H&M. Treggings, Topshop.


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